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Photos courtesy of Brian Schmalz
Here are some of the shots that I got at our
Oct. 17th meeting with my camcorder. Soon will
(hopefully) come a movie of the first sumo

Some of the many parts we buy from AxeMan.

Tom Brusehaver's handyboard based robot.

Brynn Rogers' box-based robot.

Ron Jesme's RC servo based walker. The man with the flying fingers.

Jeff Samson's big daddy bot.

Three BEAM style solar-powered robots by Rand Whillock.

This is one of the Pioneer robots that Paul Rybski and I use at the University.

The Pioneer has Paul's TrikeBot on its back.

A still of the first sumo match at TC Robotics. Rand's 'S1' against '?'.

Two more from that match.

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