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Photos courtesy of Jeff Sampson
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The Science Museum was closed today. After much confusion we decided to go to Perkin's for our meeting. It is a good idea to check the email list before a meeting. The closing notice was posted early in the morning. We just didn't know what we were going to do about it.

We had a long table at
Perkins. I counted 17 people
before the night was over.
Here is a another shot with
different camera settings.
Bill Arden is making a
stereo vision system. He is
adding a third camera to
eliminate image ambiguities.
Jason Hsu brought his line
follower robot. This was a
kit from Seattle Robotics
Society. He has some info on
his web page.
Luke Young and
Peter Kilian are taking a
Roomba vacuum apart to make
it robotic.
This is a mini-ITX board that
Alan Kilian put inside of a
case made from Knex parts.
Here Luke and Peter are
putting the mini-ITX mother
board into the Roomba.
This is how it will fit.
Bill Arden brought this
offset shaft thingie. It uses
connecting arms to transfer
the rotary motion.

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