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Ron Jesme
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Micro Receiver
Ron Jesme's Micro Receiver
  • Name: Micro Receiver
  • Type: 72MHz 8 Channel Remote Control FM PPM Receiver
  • Purpose: To make a very light weight receiver for my slow flying airplane.
  • Size: 36mm x 28mm x 5mm (1.4" x 1.1" x 0.2")
  • Weight: 2 grams (0.07 ounce)
  • Power: 5 volts @ about 10mA
  • Construction: The circuit was plotted on thin circuit board material (probably intended for flex circuits) with an UltraFine Point Sharpie, then etched using normal techniques. A "double sided" circuit was produced by putting two single sided boards back-to-back. Surface mount components were used to eliminate the need for through-holes and to minimize weight (and size). A few "blue wires" were designed-in to minimize the layout area required (thus minimizing the weight). The power, servo and antenna wires are soldered directly to the circuit board.
  • Operational Description: It has a sensitivity of about 3uV, and a RF bandwidth of about 75kHz. With my R/C transmitter, it has a range of about 1000', although I have never attempted to fly my slow-fly aircraft at that range (it takes a long time to fly that far!). At least 5 channels work, and judging from the O'scope traces, I believe that all 8 channels would work if I had a transmitter that could exercise them. Its light weight allows my remotely controlled airplane to fly very slowly.
  • Future Developments/Plans: Maybe make an AM version. Maybe replace two 16 pin ICs with a small 8 pin PIC. Maybe make an infrared version.
  • Status: It is wired into my airplane and just keeps on working (once I found/repaired the cold solder joint that was making it behave erratically)!
  • More Info: Ron's article


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