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Submission guidelines

Send your information to Jeff Sampson at

In general, supply the information requested in the sample. If you simply don't have the info, or don't want to supply it, then don't. The fields are meant to prompt you for a response and also will give us a more uniform look.

If you simply want to have your name included with nothing else, that is fine too. Just let me know so I can add you.

If you create your own pictures, use these as guidelines. In general, a picture size between 100 to 250 pixels is a good size. (maybe around 200) If you have something that really needs alot of detail, we can negotiate. JPEG files work well. I've seen good quality pictures in the 10k to 20k range. Up to 50k if needed. I use a JPEG factor of 40 when createing my pictures. (If that means anything to you. My Corel Paint asks me for that. It determines the picture quality.)

Please don't send me huge picture files. The ones I was scanning are 50, 75,150 pixels per inch. I don't want to see any 2 mb files in my email.

Bryan has a digital camera he can bring to the meetings. I have a scanner which works with photographs if you need some scanned. So bring them to a meeting or mail them to me.

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