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The EE Compendium The Home of Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming

Buy and Sell

Robotic Market Specialized Yahoo group to buy and sell robot stuff

Robot Groups

TCRG Twin Cities Robotics Group
CHIBOTS Chicago Robotics Group
PARTS Portland Area Robotics
SRS Seattle Robotics Society
Triangle Amateur Robotics
DPRG Dallas Personal Robotics Group
Central Illinois Robot Club
Home Brew Robotics
San Francisco Robotics Society of America
Vancouver Robotics Club British Columbia, Canada
Bufbotics is a hobby robotics club in the greater Buffalo, NY area

Contests and Competitions

K'NEX K-bot World Championships
Robot Competition FAQ Maintained on

Robot Discussion and News Robot News and blogs

List of Links

EE/Robotics References
Chris Hillman's Robo-Site! Massive list of animatronic, robotic and electronic links
EG3 Robot Links
ROBOLINKS.COM - Electronic kits, educational materials, and more. Educational materials


Robot or Component Manufacturers

Circuit Specialists Large selection of permanent magnet stepping motor, hybrid, and variable reluctance stepper motors.
Robots Direct - UK Robot toys, robot kits and educational resources
Servoshop - UK
Gecko Systems Makers of the CareBot robot
Evolution Robotics Makers of kits and software
Dr. Robot Kits, sensors, controllers
Robodyssey Systems Kits, sensors, controllers
Lynxmotion Kits, parts, books, software
Mondotronics "The World's Biggest Selection of Hobby Robots & Supplies!"
Tower Hobbies Hobby supplies
HVW Technologies "Your Canadian Source for Microcontrollers, Robotics and Accessories"
Acroname Kits, Parts, books, information
Jameco Electronics parts
JDR Electronics parts
Digi-Key Electronics parts
Mouser Electronics parts
Supercircuits Small television cameras
123securityproducts Spy Cameras & Surveillance Cameras
BrickHouse Security Cameras and Video Surveillance
Active Robots Ltd - UK High-Quality Robotics kits, Robot Controllers & Hobby Electronics Books, videos, kits, parts, Battlebot motors and controllers
Solarbotics: Beam Robotics Resource BEAM Robots
Robix RCS-6 Robot Construction Set
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument


M.P. Jones
Herbach and Rademan
Electronics Goldmine
All Electronics
B G Micro

Industrial Robots

Trend Robotics, extremely pricy parts. This guy keeps bothering me to add a link here and won't take "NO" for an answer. He even demanded that I remove this entire section if I wouldn't add his link. So, if you want to buy a $3,000 teach pendant, this is the place for you.

Therefore, we don't accept links to industrial robot sellers, period.

Big Motors and BattleBots type stuff

NPC Robotics Motors,R/C controllers, wheels, tires gearboxes...


Repair Faq Mail Order List


Robot Books
Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius: 57 Lessons with Projects. Concepts and Applications for Beginning Analog & Digital Electronics

Online Magazines

SRS Encoder



Robot Circuits - Robotic Circuit Resource - Electronic Hobby Projects

USB Interfacing

Phidgets USA Supplier of USB motor controller and USB sensor product

Vector 2X Compass

PNI Corporation Home of Vector 2X compass
Vector 2X Compass Peter Anderson's book on parallel port interfacing
Using the Vector-2X compass Karl Lunt's sbasic method

Stepper Motors

Polaroid Sonar


PIC-SERVO Motor Control I.C.
Motor controller references Jeff's collection of controller links

R/C Servos

All About Servos HVWTech
Electronic Gadgets for Radio Control Lots of circuits
Cord's R/C Model Electronics Premade R/C gadgets
Using R/C Servos with the RCX
4 Channel R/C Pulse to PWM controller Larry Barello creates a 4 channel motor driver using an Atmel CPU
Two Channel RC Pulse to PWM converter Larry Barello creates a 2 channel motor driver using an Atmel CPU
RC servo Larry Barello drives an R/C servo using an Atmel CPU
Medonis Engineering He sells a couple R/C servo controllers
VANTEC Big motor drivers that run from R/C equipment
FerretTronics R/C servo and stepper motor controller chips
Robert's Gadgets & Gizmos Projects Several R/C projects
InchLab Page Using R/C servos with Lego RCX controller
Sub Micro Servo Hack Jim Brown of DPRG shows how to hack a micro servo
Argos Pan-Tilt Head
Servo Connector Pin-Out Pin-outs for different brands
Welcome to Alan's Hobby Web Links Page Lots of R/C stuff


Cognachrome Vision System User's Guide - Table of Contents


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - DC Battery Specialists
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Battery Info Menu


New Micros, Inc.
The Handy Board
Motorola World-Wide-Web Server
Basic Stamp
Basic Stamp
Basic Stamp
Basic Stamp
Basic Stamp

Related Information

Quick Cam Stuff
Guru's Lair home page
the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics competition


Embedded and CPUs

Atmel Microcontroller
Circuit Cellar Home Page
Real-time computing resources


V & W Animatronics Animatronics by V&W. Creators of animated & animatronic figures, models, displays, & special fx for film, tv, & the leisure industry.
Chris Hillman's Robo-Site! Massive list of animatronic, robotic and electronic links
Nimba Creations make animatronics for films, TV and theme parks

Misc Links A resource for robotics, neural nets and home projects
Wizard.Org Robot and electronics parts and info.
Mobile Robots, Obstacle Avoidance, Dead-reckoning, Positioning Johann Borenstein - MEAM Robotics Lab
Automation and Processcontrol
TMZ Team Minus Zero - Battle Bots
AAA Industrial Robot Store Reveals Secrets : Home Page
Automated Walking Vehicle
AI applied to investing
The Genetic Programming Notebook
MachineGrid A Robotics portal featuring Tutorials,Autonomous robots,Fire Fighting robots,Microcontroller[PIC16F84 and the Motorolla 68HC11] based robots and Links