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BeginnerJeff SampsonStarter Platform Jeff shows how to make a simple robot chassis from readily available parts.
BeginnerRand WhillockSumo Building Hints Building an autonomous sumo robot can be easy.
IntermediateAlan KilianPIC-SERVO Alan tells how easy it is to get precision control of DC motors.
IntermediateRob Turner Motors Part 1 Linear motion with DC motors and the L293D driver.
IntermediateRob Turner Motors Part 2 Driving stepper motors with the L293D driver.
BeginnerRob Turner FIRST Competition The FIRST-98 regional competition in Chicago, Illinois.
IntermediateTrenton Henry Robigotchi Robigotchi is a tiny robot built to my 10 year old daughter's specifications.
BeginnerRand WhillockHints for Building a Combat Robot An intro to building a Combat Robot.
AdvancedRon JesmeMicro Receiver Ron's article on a surface mount R/C receiver that was in Circuit Cellar magazine.
AdvancedBill ArdenECP Parallel port Many uses for the parallel port in ECP mode including driving stepper motors.